Real Ultherapy Reviews*


Michele , Events & Tradeshow Industry

Issue: Laxity in the face


Catharine , Beauty Industry

Issue: Laxity under the chin

Erika, 47

Erika, 47 , Travel Consultant

Issue: Noticing the beginning signs of aging

Looking to align how she felt on the inside with how she looked on the outside

Miran, 37

Miran, 37 , Doctor in Korea

Issue: Experiencing the first signs of aging

Wanting to test Ultherapy before she recommended it to her patients and wanting to define her chin line.

Anita, 42

Anita, 42 , Server

Issue: Droopy eyes and "basset hound" look to lower face

Looking to put her best face forward to customers without having to take time off from work

Kathleen, 41

Kathleen, 41 , Actress & Homemaker

Issue: Looking tired all of the time

Wanting to keep her skin looking healthy after recovering from skin cancer; maintaining a natural look for acting roles.

Susan, 50

Susan, 50 , Sales Representative & Mom

Issue: Shifting browline

Wanting to get back the look of open, youthful eyes...just in time for her 50th birthday

Gina, 46

Gina, 46 , Celebrity Makeup Artist

Issue: Sagging under the chin and on the eyelids

Wanting to look fresh and natural working in an industry driven by beauty and youth

Coleen, 45

Coleen, 45 , Songwriter & Bride-to-Be

Issue: Lowered brow

Bride-to-be wanting to look her best when she marries her younger man

Elizabeth, 55

Elizabeth, 55 , Entrepreneur & Single Mom

Issue: Lax skin on the face and neck

Looking to reinvent herself as she reenters the dating scene and business world

Jeanine, 48

Jeanine, 48 , Homemaker

Issue: Loose skin on the neck, brow and chin

Looking to match how she looks on the outside to how she feels on the inside

Diana, 62

Diana, 62 , Homemaker & Grandmother

Issue: Double-chin

Looking for an alternative to surgery to treat her main problem area inherited from her mother.

Joanne, 58

Joanne, 58 , Grandmother

Issue: Sunken-in gravity look

Empty nester starting a new phase in life and looking to maintain her appearance.

Dave, 51

Dave, 51 , Retired Firefighter

Issue: Sagging chin and tired look

Wanting more chin-line definition, but not wanting people to notice he had anything "done"

Denise, 54

Denise, 54 , Mom of Three, Administrator

Issue: Beginning signs of a turkey neck

Wanting to maintain a fifty-and-fabulous look and feeling

Dominique, 52

Dominique, 52 , Beauty Journalist

Issue: Crepiness on the chest

After getting great results from her Ultherapy face and neck treatment, Dominique opted to have her décolletage treated.

Heather, 46

Heather, 46 , Graphic Designer, Single Mom

Issue: Hooded Eyelids

Wanting to look & feel good as she enters the dating scene; maintaining a youthful glow in a workplace full of young colleagues.

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“After having this treatment, I feel like my appearance matches how I feel inside.”* -Michele

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