The Science Of Aesthetics Has Evolved to Ultrasound

Unlike lasers and radio-frequency, Ultherapy has the optimal treatment 1) Depth, 2) Temperature and 3) Precison to non-invasively lift skin. It combines treatment delivery with 4) Imaging, for enhanced transparency and consistent patient results.
four key factors of Ultherapy
Depth Of Ultherapy Treatment
Ultherapy creates precise & discrete heat at multiple tissue depths

Depth – Treat The Skin’s Foundation

Tissue laxity is largely the result of structural weakening in the skin’s foundation (SMAS/Platysma) at ~4.5mm deep. Prior to Ultherapy, this layer was only accessible during a surgical facelift, since non-invasive modalities, such as lasers and radio-frequency, are limited to treating the dermis (< 3mm). The Ulthera® System is the only technology that non-invasively treats at a 3 discrete depth (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm),  to target both the dermis and the foundational tissue layers where laxity begins.
Temperature of Ultherapy Treatment
Ultherapy reaches the optimal temperature (~65°C) for neocollagenesis

Temperature – Optimized Neocollagenesis

Clinical studies demonstrate that collagen contraction and denaturation are optimized at temperatures between 60-70°C. The Ulthera® System is the only device that reaches these optimized temperatures at depth, without heating the skin’s surface. The ultrasound energy is micro-focused to a point below the skin’s surface, causing cellular friction and heating tissue to ~65°C. This heat causes collagen contraction and denaturation and initiates aggressive collagen synthesis.
Precision of Ultherapy Treatment
Ultherapy provides highly precise energy delivery at discrete depths

Precision – Surgical Precison Without An Incision

Precise energy delivery increases the consistency and safety of treatment. Lasers are precise, but only treat the superficial skin layers. Radio-frequency reaches deeper than lasers, but imprecisely bulk heats tissue at variable temperatures and depths. Only Ultherapy precisely heats tissue at a specific depth and temperature, with spacing between each thermal injury to promote healing. Real-time ultrasound imaging lets clinicians see exactly where energy will be delivered, providing an added level of precision to the procedure.
Imaging of Ultherapy Treatment
Ultherapy’s patented imaging capabilities increase precision and safety

Imaging -The ONLY “See & Treat” Technology

The Ulthera® System is the only non-invasive device that allows clinicians to see where they’re treating. Using Ulthera’s patented DeepSEE® technology, the system provides real-time ultrasound visualization of the skin down to 8mm. A treatment line is superimposed over this image to show where energy will be delivered. This “See & Treat” technology lets clinicians verify energy is being delivered at the correct tissue depth and avoid sub-dermal structures such as bone. Other non-invasive devices, including radio-frequency, force clinicians to essentially treat “blind”. The Ulthera System has an FDA-indication specific to ultrasound visualization of dermal and sub-dermal tissue layers.

ULTHERAPY® is available only through licensed physicians.

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